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Random Ramblings: You Are Mine

I had the opportunity to be featured in one of my poet friends blog to write for her Valentines Day post. Thank you Tammy for including me to your list it truly means a lot. 

This poem is very close to my heart. 

This instance

It is what I have been waiting for

I counted down the months, days, minutes up to the final second

This moment

It is all I have ever dreamed of

To see you in the flesh

To touch your soft skin

I can count every blink of your brown eyes

To hear every word

To taste those supple lips

Everything about you was a fantasy

And now its turning to a reality


Right before my very eyes

The gazes we exchange

Melts our hearts

The world stops with our every glance

Its like only you and I exist


Our hands touch for the first time


Never letting go because… You Are Mine.

(c) from the Random Ramblings of The Adventures of Pink Bonnet Girl 


Pink Notes: Around The World

Hey Guys!

It has been a while since I have written a journal entry. I would like to introduce a new category in my blog called “Around The World” and share with you another passion of mine aside from writing which is traveling. I have been fortunate enough to visit some places locally and abroad. Nothing compares to the joy of traveling and experiencing a totally new and different culture. It is an adventure getting lost in a place and seeing things for the first time. 

I wish to do more of these things as I get older. And I hope you will get to enjoy my entries and share with you the wonderful memories I have of the places I have visited.

Thank you again for the support and taking time in reading my adventures!

Love Lots,

Joan Gillen



Random Ramblings: In This Moment

As we sit on this chair

You and I staring at each other

Our face inches apart

The look of passion and desire

Our lust and want can no longer be contained

As I have my arms around you

Embracing that need

Our bodies touching

Feeling our warmth

Caressing my long brown hair

As you tuck some strands behind my ear

The softness of your finger

Electrifies my skin

We lean to a kiss

Our lips enveloping each other

Tongues dancing

It sends shiver down my spine

My hands touch your chest

It feels the beating of your heart

The rhythm in sync with our movements

As we start to drench in sweat

Our waiting is over

And we are finally together

In this moment

(c) from the Random Ramblings of The Adventure of Pink Bonnet Girl


Bookmarks: Waves Of Passion by Cameron Lincoln

Waves Of Passion: Holiday Heat Book 1Waves Of Passion: Holiday Heat Book 1 by Cameron Lincoln

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I got this book because I have read previous works of Cameron. Although he is known for his erotic works of fiction I was excited to read this book because I thought it will show a different side of him as a writer. I was right this was a totally different book (I mean this in a good way)

The story focuses on 2 couples who goes on a holiday in Greece for a week and things will get steamy… that is all I can say (this book made me squirm) as I think this was the intention that the author created for the first book. To establish the characters and to set the plot for even hotter things for the next installment.

I liked how each characters are defined and you see their personalities clearly which I think is a big part of the story and why things will result to the series of events in the book. Its a given on what will happen between the 4 of them but how it leads to that and how it ends is what I am so excited about. And knowing how Cameron writes his book there is always that element of surprise that will leave you thinking and will take a few moments to digest.

Okay on to the lighter stuff… I downed this book in a day and I just got so lost in it. It did not help that I was reading it in a public place so my WTF moments stayed in my head. This book did not wait long… by the time I got to Chapter 2 oh my lord that whole chapter was just packed with STEAM (and yes it left me a tad bit flushed).

By the time you realize and the book got its rhythm and pace you would want more of it and so with that I cannot wait for the 2nd installment (I am harassing the author on twitter as I write this).

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Guest Ramblings: The Next Time

Hi Everybody!
This poem came into my email and I asked permission to share and was allowed. I did post one of her poems before and I thank you for trusting me again with this one. You have a talent and I truly wish you would write more. This is sad and cathartic but beautifully written. You are amazing and thank you again for allowing me to post this. #poemup

The Next Time

The next time we’re together
 that moment
It’s all consuming
Only thinking of you
The one who makes my heart stop
I need you like air
To breath you in
Every word
Every movement
Every touch
Enveloping, possessing
 my heart and soul
Until you don’t
Until I let you in
Until I really love
Until you decide I’m too much
Too much work
Too much trouble
Too much neediness
Too much
Then you take
Just a little piece
 of my heart
Replaced with bittersweet memories
You take a piece of my soul
And leave me until
 the next time

— done by an Anonymous Sender


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