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Random Ramblings: Figment

on October 26, 2012

We give each other long intense kisses

You go down to my neck and give me short sweet kisses

As I breathe on your skin

You touch me underneath my clothes

Caressing the small of my back

Slowly you unravel my clothes and everything beneath it

As we continue…

You give me those sweet kisses

I caress the skin underneath your shirt and slowly take it off

You start playing with my breasts making them hard

Then you touch my lips below and feel them wet

I felt the bulge and pull it out

I beg for you to slip it in

With slow gentle strokes

You hear me grasp and moan

Make your moves steady

And then faster as you hit the right spot

I press my fingers nails on your back

As I say your name under my breath

My stomach starts to flutter

As you try to reach in further

(c) from the Random Ramblings of The Pink Bonnet Girl


2 responses to “Random Ramblings: Figment

  1. Reblogged this on penelopejones and commented:
    Amazing words from an amazing woman! It touches on innocence and virginal desires! A must read!

  2. […] I sort of made up this story as they were a FIGMENT of my imagination. I did not know if it made sense but it was fun just to tell about […]

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