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Esteemed Poets

Here are some of the esteemed authors I have stumble upon on the world wide web. They are all fab and great in their own way. And this is my way of showing gratitude for each and every one of these esteemed poets have affected me in one way or another.

DARWIN BLAKE The Almost Famous Author

His words are as smooth as silk and words flow through his veins. His gift for writing are like magic that will leave you speechless, sighing and more often than not flourished. A very talented man who holds a special place in my heart. An inspiration and a guy who sees life and the world in such a beautiful perspective. He can make everyday things sound so extraordinary and awe inspiring. It would not surprise me if in a couple of years he will be a famous author after all.

Follow him on Twitter @DarwinBlake

BL RONAN The Sacred Road

This miss came out of nowhere and started writing poetry like there is no tomorrow. Her connection with her poems are so astonishing it leaves you breathless. Her imagination provides limitless possibilities. A good and very supportive friend who pushes me to be the best that I can be. An amazing girl who has so much to offer and I hope you do not stop writing as your prose and The Sacred Road are gifts to the world.

Follow her on Twitter @missb1331

DEIDRE The Red Velvet Chair

Its only been a few weeks since I started reading her poetry and every time I do it makes me ride a roller coaster of emotions. Everything she writes has a way of coming to life. Her ideas are not confined which I truly appreciate. Thank you for always encouraging me in my writing. I am glad you have limitless lives so we have forever to savor your writings.

Follow her on Twitter @laDEEda51

PENELOPE JONES The Penelope Jones

Oh my lord… this lady is fun. Never a dull moment with her on Twitter and her poetry is carnal, luscious and seductive. She defines naughty in every sense of the word. She lives it! I love her individuality and her self expression. As much as she is naughty her nice side is as admirable. A train to Naughtyville leaves every minute so if I were you I’d board that train and who knows you might chance a spot on the Naughty Couch. Oh and I almost forgot if you get on her good side… and well her bad side you might just get the SPANKS… but if I were you I’d stick with the good side. So let’s get on it and ride the train CHOO! CHOO!

Follow her on Twitter @Penelope_Prose

More esteemed poets to come… 


5 responses to “Esteemed Poets

  1. gelytayz says:

    These 3 are amongst lovely amazing people, my fave inspiration too. Their wicked talents has mesmerized me to the core. I hope you meet the others too.;)

    • joangillen says:

      I hope so too hopefully I bump in to other great poets in the near future… I am a lover of words as well… and reading it just takes me to a place of bliss and happiness 🙂 Oh and thank you for liking 🙂

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